Predavatelji 2021

Andreas Blümel

Predavatelj: Andreas BLÜMEL, Ing.

Graduated engineer from the Technical College for Structural Engineering and Design, Villach

As Head of Central technical Support – HERADESIGN®  within the Knauf Ceiling Solutions in Austria his team and Blümel and are responsible for the technical development of acoustic systems and solutions combining diverse design possibilities with an excellent acoustic functionality.

Predavanje: "Acoustic solutions with wood wool panels"

A wood wool panel, bonded with a mineral binder (e.g. magnesite, cement), has a very long tradition and is still considered as a very good and reliable insulation and building panel today. These panels often serve also as acoustic boards, as they combine good thermal insulation with very good sound absorption properties as well as interesting design opportunities. Wood, water and magnesite are the main components of wood wool acoustic panels. For the production only these natural raw materials are used, whose functional and biological properties positively influence the room ambience and climate.

Acoustic solutions with wood wool reduce almost all disturbing background noise. For a pleasant, positive room ambience it is not only important what we hear, but in particular what we feel.  Acoustics is one of the most important factors affecting the well-being, mood and temper of people – even if they are not aware of it.

The high quality wood wool acoustic solutions made of ecologically sound materials open up an almost infinite variety of designs. The main fields of application of wood wool acoustic systems are education, sports, office, infrastructure, entertainment, recreational facilities and various other areas.

At the presentation we will not miss:

- Basics of wood wool acoustic panels

- Extraordinary features of wood wool panels

- Application opportunities & Systems

- Creative Design Inspirations

- Worldwide references

Andreas Blümel
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