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On behalf of the "Institute for the Promotion of Architecture", we would like to invite you to the 8th International Architectural Conference "ARHIKULT 2023", which will be held at the BRDO CONGRESS CENTRE” near Kranj, Slovenia. ( on 13th of April 2023.

The theme of the Event will be "Energy", which occupies an increasingly important place in our lives. Energy shapes the space around us. Questions like “What happens if we stay without it?” are very actual. Should we simply turn off the lights, heating, reduce transport, turn off machines, close the production? These are all situations that are becoming more and more relevant in the light of the energy crisis, which is also caused by the war. How can architects, planners, city planners answer this?

“A lot of energy is already stored in buildings, such as in fired brick, crushed aggregate and forged metal. Reducing the amount of waste, renovating existing structures and returning to the techniques of our ancestors significantly contribute to the creation of a zero-carbon society”. As the renowned French - Moroccan anthropologist and architect Salima Naji says:

»The earth must no longer be the material of poverty, shame and the past. As the prices of all raw materials rise, basic raw materials such as earth and stone must remain available for the common good. At a time when we are facing different crises, architecture can help with solutions that save both resources and energy«  (Architectural Review, October 2022)

At the meeting, the invited lecturers will present their works, research and professional views.. We were looking for answers to the challenges brought about by the energy crisis. We are wondering if "Critical Regionalism" can be the right answer to the situation in society? We will conclude the Event with the Discussion.

The goal of the Conference is to bring together Experts, connect Engineers, as well as national representatives of institutions, Civil society, Public bodies, Research institutions, to share knowledge, experience and opinions and to provide insight into the latest state of the art based on recognized scientific findings with the help of experts. techniques and experience.


Evening part

An important goal of this conference is to provide networking opportunities and stimulate discussion among participants from different fields. After the end of the conference, there will be an evening program with dinner and socializing with music. In  hope that you will be part of our event, we welcome you on “ARHIKULT 2023”

mag. Miha Lečnik univ. dipl. ing. arch.

Head of the Programme Chair

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